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Call For Papers

Defining the Galant: Music, Style, Terminology
September 29th—October 1st, 2023 


Galant Schema Studies will hold its second annual conference devoted to galant schema theory, held over Zoom from Friday, September 29-Sunday, October 1, 2023 (Eastern Time). The conference will include papers, lecture-recitals, and discussions. We invite submissions that take advantage of the digital format of the conference and encourage proposals that explore the meaning of “galant” as applied to schemata, musical style and culture, and the development of harmonic/melodic archetypes before, during, and after the long eighteenth century. 


Possible avenues of inquiry include:


• Relationships between schemata and historical performance practices

• Music cognition, and listening habits in prior eras as well as today

• Proto-schemata, including patterns from repertoire that predates the galant “era”

• Analysis of composers’ music from the common practice period not typically associated with the galant style (e.g., J.S. Bach, Beethoven)

• Post-galant iterations of schemata (e.g., music of the 19th, 20th, and 21st centuries)

• Schema models for listening/analysis in non-western musics

• Analysis of schemata in generating musical form


Since the publication of Robert Gjerdingen’s Music in the Galant Style in 2007, galant schema theory has become a significant analytical framework that interweaves many important threads that have been treated disparately in modern discourse: theory, history, performance, as well as pedagogy in the past and present day. With a focus on terminology and analysis of compositions and composers within and outside of the galant style, this conference seeks to further establish an interdisciplinary approach to galant schema theory and to address critiques of style and terminology in the discipline.


Abstracts of no more than 500 words may be sent by July 31, 2023 to Jonathan Salamon and Alexander Nicholls at galantschemata23 -at- Please include any anticipated multimedia needs should your presentation require them.


Each presenter will receive a 30 minute slot for a 20 minute presentation plus 10 minutes for questions. If your presentation would benefit from a different time arrangement, please include those parameters in your proposal. All presentations are expected to be live.


[Anticipated registration fee: 20 Euros]

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